Our policy is compliant with the Australian privacy principles.

Your personal information is collected with your permission and managed in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles in an open and transparent manner. Your data will be stored in Australia.

Dass Orthopaedics will take reasonable technological and organizational safeguards to avoid the loss, misuse, or alteration of your information.

Collection, use and storage of your details

Your information will be gathered for administrative purposes only. The information will be used to keep track of our medical records and for billing. Your information may be used to diagnose your problem and provide you with high-quality health care The outcome of your consultation will be shared with your referring doctor. Other doctors, specialists, and therapies involved with your care may also receive information about you. Your condition may be used for teaching and education. Please be aware that any personal information about you, such as your name will not be disclosed.

Access to your information and your rights

You have the right to your information. You will be required to request the information by completing the release of information form which will be provided to you on request. Occasionally, you may be charged for the information. Your information will be made available to another health provider; however, third-party information will not be sent to the other provider. There will be restrictions on access to children’s information unless legally allowed to by parents or guardians.

Occasionally your information may be used without consent for emergency situations, as required by law, drilling and medical rebate, medical indemnity.

Concerns and complaints

Please contact our administration, and Dr. Dass will personally try to resolve your issue at the earliest convenience.