Patient Information

Patient Information2021-08-17T01:34:15+10:00

Before Your Appointment

  • Please obtain a referral from your GP and bring it with you.

  • If you are work cover or TAC/CTP  then please bring in your claim number otherwise you will have to pay for the first consult.  Note that if you have paid for the consult and the condition is later classified as compensable, please keep the invoice and forward it to your work, work cover, or TAC.

  • Please bring all the relevant investigations/x-rays, CT scans, and MRI (if you do not have the films, please find out where the investigation was done).

  • Please bring in any additional information: a healthcare card, DVA card, private insurance details, treatment letters from other doctors, any relevant IME reports, etc.

  • Please get a list of current medications,  especially blood thinners and steroids.

At the Appointment

  • Dr. Dass will obtain a relevant history from you.

  • You will be examined and please wear appropriate clothing for ease of the examination process.

  • Please bring in your splints/braces etc.

  • You may be referred for further investigation.

After the Initial Appointment & Subsequent Appointments

  • Dr. Dass prefers to see patients and correlate the investigation findings with clinical findings.
  • Please inform  Dr. Dass if you are unable to attend to request a phone call. If you are waiting for a phone call, please ask the relevant investigation company as to when the report and the films will be ready to be seen online.

  • If approval for surgery is sent, please check with your case manager if they have received the request for surgery.  Please allow time for the request to be done.

For Workcover and TAC/CTP patients

  • It is most likely that you will get the approval for surgery before Dr. Dass. Please notify Dr. Dass via email: of the approval so urgent booking for surgery can be done.
  • Please liaise with your case manager if there has been a delay in approval for surgery.

Post Op Trauma Patients

  • There is a plan given post-operative on patients treated in Albury Base Hospital.

  • You may be directed to the Wound Clinic at the  Albury Base Hospital initially for wound care.
  • You will be seen in Dr. Dass’s rooms as directed.

  • Medicare allows a certain amount of post-operative care and you will not be charged for the consult however if you require further care beyond the standard of care then you will be billed for it.
  • If you have been provided care through the emergency department, it is advisable that you see your GP and get a referral from them to facilitate post-operative rehabilitation.

*Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any general queries. If you have any urgent concerns please see your GP or present to the nearest emergency department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Dr. Dass consult?2022-02-04T17:13:04+11:00

Dr . Dass consults at La Trobe Consulting Suites, Bundoora, VIC. His office can  be contacted at La Trobe on 03 9473 8835.

He also consults at Garden Suites, Albury NSW. His office can be contacted in Albury on 02 6058 6109.

The public fracture clinic and the specialist clinic is located at Albury Wodonga Health, NSW. Public fracture clinic can be contacted on 02 6058 4444 / 02 6051 7535.

What do I need to bring to the first consultation?2021-08-14T17:47:25+10:00
  • Referral letter
  • All relevant documents and information i.e., x-rays, scans, pathology results
  • Your Medicare card, private insurance details, DVA card, etc.
  • work cover/TAC or other insurance details
What are my fees?2022-02-04T17:01:58+11:00

Your account will need to be settled on the day of your consultation and an invoice will be given. You may be entitled to a refund from Medicare i.e. For private patients. EFTPOS facilities are provided. If you are under work cover, please provide your work cover claim number. Please contact your case manager or your workplace delegate to see if the consultation fee will be billed directly to the relevant work cover provider. You will be required to bring a written approval if you want the bill to be sent directly to the relevant work cover provider. Occasionally if you are in the process of getting a work cover claim number then please get a letter from your work agreeing to pay for the consult. If you do not have the work cover details then you will be asked to settle the consultation fee, and an invoice will be issued, and you will be required to contact Workcover/TAC or work for reimbursement.

What if I require surgery?2021-08-14T17:46:47+10:00

Dr. Dass will discuss the relevant findings with you. He will discuss with you your condition and why surgery is indicated. You will be allowed ample time to make your decision. Dr. Dass can refer you to a colleague for a second opinion or talk to your loved ones to explain the procedure to them as he believes that surgery and successful outcome is better achieved when all parties are involved. You are invited to bring in your questions and they will be answered during the consultation section.

Which hospital will I be operated on for surgery and how long do I need to stay in hospital?2021-08-14T17:46:04+10:00

Dr. Dass operates at Northpark Private Hospital in Bundoora, Vic. He also operates at Albury Wodonga Private Hospital in Albury NSW. He provides a public trauma and upper limb service to the Albury Wodonga Region.

At the time of the consult, after explaining the procedure, Dr. Dass will also discuss possible complications related to the procedure. Post-operative rehabilitation and expectations will also be discussed. The number of days required in the hospital will also be discussed.

Dr. Dass places your safety as paramount. He will not compromise your safety and our team will take all precautions to make sure that you have a safe journey and recovery from your medical condition.

What if I have emergency or concerns after surgery/treatment?2021-08-14T17:45:51+10:00

In the event of an emergency please call 000 or your GP or nearest hospital Emergency Department. You should also inform Dr. Dass, however, if he is busy, he may not be able to respond in a timely manner.

Are there any out-of-pocket fees?2021-08-14T17:45:32+10:00

Dr. Dass does not normally charge any out-of-pocket fees. Any out-of-pocket fees will be payable as a result of your insurance plan not covering specific operations or certain procedures. Please request the MBS item numbers and check with your healthcare provider to confirm if the operation is covered by your plan.

Some anesthetists that Dr. Dass uses do charge out-of-pocket fees and they work independently and please discuss the fee with them prior to your operation.  The hospital also does a fund check prior to the operation eligibility.

Private insurance does not cover the consult fees however you will get a Medicare rebate (not for TAC/Workcover).

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